Why Subscribe?

We have some exciting news!  After much anticipation, we at SFi are truly overjoyed to announce All-In-One  Exciting and Easy-To-Access way to enhance your Body Mind and Breath resilience, immunity and healing!   

We bring you the Powerful and Potent combination of Weekly Body Mind Practice Video Subscription and the Weekly Breath Practice Clinic

The Weekly Body Mind Video Subscription, gives you access to a brand new weekly Mind Body Practice Video every Wednesday at 9:30 am on our member-only SFi Portal, where practices will be led by one of numerous Body Mind Teachers and Trainers, such as Gail Pettit, Dr. Kalind Bakshi, Anuja Bakshi, Maulik Mankad, and many others.  You have a lifetime access for ALL practice videos while you maintain your subscription, which provides a diverse assortment of videos at your fingertips for personal practice at your convenience!  There is nothing like out there!

Secondly, with the current environment, we all NEED to focus on increasing our immunity and optimizing our breath.  For that we have the Breath Practice Clinic (Live via Zoom - Two times a week - 30-45 mins. sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am EST) facilitated by Dr. Kalind Bakshi!   This is a priceless opportunity to learn and apply practices and exercises to optimized and improve your breath pattern and capacity, and it’s a no brainer in terms of creating long-term health, resilience and immunity!

We believe, to truly create an impact on our personal well-being the combination of external and internal practices is not only high-effective and exponentially efficient, but in this current environment, essentially paramount!

So, for a nominal monthly subscription of $12.99 (which basically exists to cover our operational costs), and regular participation and practice, you can transform your health and well-being, so that you can make the most of life going forward!

As one subscriber aptly mentioned, that this is cheaper than a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, but this actually helps us stay healthier, happier and more balanced in life!  

So please take advantage of this life-changing initiatives, and please share it with your family and friends!

All-In-One Subscription Includes:

Weekly Body Mind Practice Video Accessible via SFi Portal on Thinkific and the Twice-A-Week Breath Practice Clinic on Tues./Thurs. at 9:30 am EST via Zoom